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SmartFreight for WooCommerce



November 24, 2020

Discover how SmartFreight is changing the way WooCommerce customers ship their goods. 

2020 has been a very interesting year for the Ecommerce and Logistics industry, we have seen far greater de-mand this year with record growth, SmartFreight will be discussing what’s we have seen happen in the market and what this means for businesses. 

We have Murat Soysol CEO of Segmentify joining us to share his insight in 2020 along with some helpful tips and tricks to help keep your online presence booming into 2021. 

During the session we will delve into the world of Carrier Management and explain why providing your customers choice on shipments and seamless tracking has to be a key part of your online strategy , and of course we will give you a chance to put your questions to the SmartFreight Team,