Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles

DHL Global Forwarding on CargoWise

118 views December 16, 2020

Discover how DHL Global Forwarding uses CargoWise to increase productivity and improve...

Customer Profiles

Aramex on CargoWise

57 views December 16, 2020

Find out how Aramex is rolling out CargoWise across its worldwide network of 1,200 freight...

Customer Profiles

Our Customers

242 views December 14, 2020

Our customers are integral links in the world’s supply chain and use CargoWise to increase their...

Customer Profiles

V. Alexander on CargoWise

703 views May 18, 2020

V. Alexander explains how they use CargoWise’s next generation border compliance software,...

Product Overviews

Product Overviews

eAdaptor Overview

25 views February 23, 2021

eAdaptor's Sample Interfaces allows you to build your own system integration between CargoWise...

Product Overviews

GUI Languages

14 views February 23, 2021

CargoWise's Graphical User Interface adapts easily to whatever local language your international...

Product Overviews

Rates and Contracts

31 views February 18, 2021

Streamline quotes to billing and improve profitability with an advanced, multi-modal rate...

Product Overviews

Integration Overview

5,242 views April 21, 2017

CargoWise's deep-seated integration capabilities provide everything your business needs in a...

About Us

About Us

Inside the innovation factory

178 views December 09, 2020

Learn more about how our product development capability positions us at the forefront of...

About Us

Our people and culture

165 views December 09, 2020

Learn how our people and culture of innovation and productivity creates a work environment that...

About Us

FY20 Results

1,406 views August 19, 2020

About Us

Our new brand identity

1,400 views February 26, 2020

We're excited to launch our new brand identity. We’re going beyond limits to new horizons –...